Kundalini or serpent power is the dormant energy located in the Root chakra or Mooladhar chakra.

The kundalini energy elevates along the spinal channel of Sushumna, through five centre of psychic consciousness like Swadisthana, Manipur , Anahata, Visudhi and Ajna. Ultimately it reaches the Sahastrara chakra. Here the individual merges with the GOD.


In the human body there are 72,000 nadis or channels though which energy circulates. There are 3 are most important nadis. They are Ida, Pingla and Sushumna. Sushumna locates at the central canal of spinal cord; this is the main Nadi responsible for spiritual awareness. Ida locates to the left of Sushumna Nadi is responsible for all mental functions while Pingla locates to the right of Sushumna is responsible for all vital functions. Sushumna is the main channel through which kundalini rises.

A chakra is the vortices of pranic energy at specific areas in the body which controls the flow of energy.

Important steps for kundalini awakening:
Balancing Ida and Pingla.
Awakening the chakra.
Opening the Sushumna path
Awakening the kundalini Shakti

By awakening our KUNDALINI

• Increase immunity for different diseases and overcome many body pains
• Overcome worry, anxiety, fear and mental stress
• Eliminate all kinds of psychosomatic illness and mental diseases(ranging from mild
   depression to severe schizophrenia)
• Expand consciousness and gives us tremendous insight into our own potential
• Increase in the mystical powers of mind by increasing psychic guidance,
   clairvoyance, divine intuition, extra sensory perception

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