Testimony for Divine Omdasji Sound Meditation

It's my pleasure to write some words about Guruji Omdasji and my experience with Divine Omdasji Sound Meditation. I have always ask Lord Shiva to send to me a guru, and it's been more than 13 years that I've met you and through you Guruji Omdasj Since I've met you, my life has changed positively, I got to know Guruji Omdasji and DS.

Since I got the CD in the year 2006

  • My financial position has changed positively- it happens in the year I got the DS, I got another job where I got better salary, where I was in charge of a department, and from thereon life has been positive
  • Listening to DS at home make me feel happy and protected.
  • While doing japa I used to play DS and after Japa was at peace with myself.
  • Playing DS at home, brings harmony in the family, no quarrelling.
  • Listening to DS has bring change to myself, being someone who gets angry fast, now I am a calm person.
  • One day lend the CD to my tutor who himself is a follower of shree Ravi Shankar, he told me that the CD is very powerful, cannot recall what he told me but just remember that .
  • When I gave it to someone it is the feeling that I have helped someone.

What can I say about Guruji - One day was before his photograph and when I felt a warm feeling coming from his photograph.

I've read somewhere that Guruji is after money, I can say from my experience that this is not the case, It was some four years ago when I asked Guruji to do a puja for me and that I will pay how much it will cost, but instead he told me to do the Anustan myself and this I did and I can tell you that after the anustan I got a promotion and a car.

And I am waiting for this day when I will touch his holy feet. Jai Gurudeva.


Thank you Guruji.

Yashwin Shibduth Mauritius

Whenever I listen to The Divine Sound I am almost instantly sent to another place of calm. I am often in a blank space where I am unaware of anything else.

When I focus on Guruji I can feel an instant connection that takes me even deeper. I often open my eyes at the end of the Divine Sound and have been unaware of the time I have been ‘away’.

Since I have been a disciple of Guruji my life has gone from strength to strength and keeps improving.

Whenever I have been in Gurijis presence I have always been treated with respect and love

David Moore (United Kingdom)

My experience with Omdasji's Divine Sound Meditation is wonderful. I play the sounds of Guruji singing, day and night on a low volume and feel the peace the sound gives me. I truly believe it has helped me feel more centered and at peace. I am so grateful to have this.

Christian Haase Sculptor San Francisco - USA

I am currently listening to DS during the night in near zero volume. That helps build in my system an ecstatic state of the energy and calmer mind.

I also use it when I work, again on zero volume.

About once a week I would listen to full volume when I am sure I have enough time and will not be disturbed.

The general effect I have from listening to the DS is a kind of alignment of energies.

When I listen to full volume in full volume, it sends me at different level of consciousness.

Every event is different, sometimes it is relaxing, sometimes it is ecstatic, sometimes it brings me a kind of sluggishness.

But there is always a change in the level of consciousness.

Guruji is the most strange normal human being who I have ever met. It is a very special kind of normal strangeness. It is rather inviting and not repulsive strangeness. It lacks the normal things that would repulse other people, there are none in fact.

He has the calm disposition of the king and a sage, at the same time, he is just like a small child when he speaks of his guru or god.

He has the same calm even breathing rhythm even after he has sung DS for about an hour. His breathing is inaudible, and have never seen it changed, either by emotion, or by yawning of by tiredness. He is always focused on the task at hand.

When you come closer to him you can feel like you have entered in a bubble of energy. Like chamber with high voltage and pure oxygen. I was able to watch myself for many times how his presence changed the way my consciousness and mind changes.

Another amazing feature is his ability to show proper attention/respect to everyone present.

Dr Milen Vassliev, Consultant
Sofia, Bulgaria

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