A guru is the mediator; he brings man and god together. So in trying to reach the self realised state of consciousness one must follow the advice and guidance of divine illuminated guru, who knows the way to God.

If a seeker is in right earnest to know about GOD, he will get a right teacher.

A siddha mantra is one which one has been invested with the spiritual power of the true guru. In the process of shaktipaat the Guru raises his own kundalini to Sahastrara chakra [crown chakra] then repeats the mantra, giving it the highest spiritual energy and then invests it upon the aspirant and initiates him on the path of kundalini yoga.

Initiation is that process by which the powerful siddha mantra is conferred upon the worthy aspirant by his guru, and the disciple's kundalini is suddenly awakened from slumber by the striking hit of the mantra.

Only the mantra which is received from a Sadguru will release its power. We get quick results when we chant the mantra given by the Sadguru. Chanting the mantra creates vibrations that permeate every cell thus charging the whole body of the aspirant and cleansing all toxins and blocks in the energy channels (nadis).Ida and Pingala nadis get balanced which in turn activates Sushumna nadi. Opening of Sushumna is step to Self-realization and clears the path for Kundalini Shakti. On the more subtle levels this leads to clearing of samskaras (impressions) - karmic debts. All this is achieved through systematic, regular and disciplined japa.

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