Generally a person lives an unhappy, confused and depressed life. He has no purpose or direction of life due to lack of knowledge of his true self. When a supreme master or guru awakens the dormant kundalini Shakti, the person start to experience the truth and realize the potential of his own being.

As truth and experiences increases confidence starts to develop in that person. As confidence develops so does inner strength. With this inner strength and renewed sense of self empowerment, the confusion, depression and lack of direction gradually diminishes. As this process continues self confidence and focus increases and as a result all aspects of life including business, personal, social and spiritual will automatically begins to excel and thrive.

When the knowledge of true self is revealed the person begins to learn tolerance and acceptance of all life and develops unconditional love and compassion for the whole humanity.

Shri Omdasji with his unique power of Shaktipaat and Divine Sound can open the mystical door of self realization and cosmic consciousness for others.

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