(Through Shakipaat & Divine Sound)

A human body weighs approximately 50 to 60 Kilos. This body is engaged in various activities throughout the day, such as running, talking, thinking, eating and working. The body is able to do these activities due to a force called SHAKTI, which resides within all bodies in a dormant state. There is no realization of its existence until a GURU (Divine Master) awakens this through the process of SHAKTIPAAT. SHAKTIPAAT is a process where the GURU (Divine Master) transfers his energy into a disciple thus awakening the disciple's energy which is known as Kundalini.

His Holiness Yogi Samrat Dhayanyogi Omdasji Maharaj is the ultimate master of Kundalini Maha Yoga. With the divine power of SHAKTIPAAT he awakens the dormant kundalini of the spiritual aspirants and guides them on their spiritual evolution from gross to subtlest levels.

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